Fast & Easy To Use

The Nesco MultiCheck can test for Total Cholesterol, Uric Acid and Glucose using single strip tests. Requiring just a small finger prick, offer the top side of the testing strip to the sample.

The Nesco MultiCheck is a professional standard device with self-testing diagnostic to ensure accuracy and control solution for test strip assurance.

Low Cost with Rapid Results

Singe tests take less an 60 seconds to complete.

Cost Per test:

Cholesterol£1.50(sold in packs of 25)
Glucose £0.30(sold in packs of 50)
Uric Acid£0.85(sold in packs of 25)

If using for personal use, then a pen lancet provided with the home user kit can be used.

For Professional users the disposable lancets are mandatory.

Support & Guidance

Please review our user video to see how simple it is to use. We also provide telephone support from our UK help team.

For professional users, Fitech run competency course with assessment and can provide the annual device quality check as required by the Medical Devices Agency. Fitech also has a high-end, easy to use Health, Fitness and wellness reporting system, which delivers individual reporting and group data analysis and much more…

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